Our Story


Welcome to MANUKEE. Thank you for taking the time to visit our page. I wanted to share a little about MANUKEE’s background, what we stand for and why MANUKEE was created.


York Spencer, Founder & BeeEO

I have always been genuinely fascinated by UMF Manuka Honey, which is truly one of nature’s wonderfoods and is something I have personally consumed for many years due to its unique wellness properties. I had a real desire to share with the world the goodness of Manuka honey, plus a stunning piece of New Zealand, through healthy, better-for-you drinks.


York Spencer, Founder & BeeEO


I also wanted MANUKEE to build its foundations on trust and transparency. The raw honey that goes into MANUKEE is sourced from Ross Apiaries, a family owned beekeeping operation who locate their hives near the North Island’s Tongariro National Park. Ross Apiaries operates on the principal that honest hard work produces the best Manuka honey, a philosophy I wholeheartedly agree with.

However their first and foremost concern is the welfare of the bees and they take many steps towards ensuring the overall health of the hives. As part-owners of MANUKEE, they are the gatekeepers who ensure that only the best honey reaches MANUKEE consumers.

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We also believe in innovation and being first. MANUKEE is the first UMF Manuka Honey Drink in the world and we aim to embody that pioneering spirit by constantly evolving, innovating and creating wellness products that utilise the amazing benefits of Manuka honey to enrich people’s lives.

Like the bees that guard their hives, MANUKEE was created to help you be at your very best, inside and out.

I am looking forward to the journey ahead, and you hopefully joining the MANUKEE community. Feel free to contact me any time at hello@manukee.co.nz

Drink Well


York Spencer, Founder & BeeEO